Alliances in the game are an important factor to the excitement which the game may bring. Alliances may sign coalitions together, becoming friends, or simply fight against each other.

Creation of an Alliance Edit

You cannot simply create an alliance out of nowhere - you must have the Intergalactic Relations Center (I.R.C. for simplicity) built at somewhere on one of your planets. Note that you may only have one I.R.C. built.

To briefly introduce, the I.R.C. at Level 3 enables you to create alliances, and its level affects the alliance member size, so think twice if you want to grow your very own alliance - it requires maintenance.

An interesting thing is that if you are NOT the Head of the alliance, your I.R.C. level is not considered. But, the I.R.C. can greatly improve the development of your Culture Points, as shown below:

Level of the I.R.C. Alliance Member Capacity Culture Points per Day
1 0 3
2 0 4
3 3 6
4 4 9
5 5 13
6 7 18
7 9 26
8 11 38
9 13 54
10 15 79
11 18 114
12 21 164
13 24 237
14 27 342
15 30 493
16 34 712
17 38 1028
18 42 1484
19 46 2142
20 50 3093

Diplomatic Relations Edit

When you are the Head of the alliance, you may choose to create a relation with a player, an alliance, or even grander in scale, a coalition (explained below).

Hostile Relations Edit

You can already set hostile relations with others once your I.R.C. reaches Level 3, and that is also when you can create alliances.

It is not clear how the Hostile Relations affect gameplay, for example, we are not clear whether trade offers from the hostile players show up.

Friendly Relations (aka Entering a Coalition) Edit

You can set friendly relationships (to be technically correct, you are entering a coalition) with others once your I.R.C. reaches Level 18. That is quite some heavy investment.

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