The Space Anomaly is a kind of NPC that is interactable in the space interface. Users may send fleets there to defeat the ancient fleets that reside there, and, upon victory, may retrieve resources.


Anomalies may have different levels, starting at 0. The amount of enemies and resources increase according to the level of the anomaly.

Types of AnomaliesEdit

There are 4 types of anomalies. The difference between the 4 is the resources they contain.

Type 1 has more polymeres than other resources.

Type 2 contains all three types of resources in roughly the same amounts.

Type 3 has more radium than other resources.

Type 4 has more metal than other resources.

Type 1
 Type 2
 Type 3
Type 4

Relating to the StoryEdit

Anomalies play a large role in the storyline of EMP Game. After defeating a certain level of anomaly, the player will see a storyboard depicting a scene that will progress the storyline.


Increasing the level of the Hyperspace Scanner will allow the player to see more anomalies around the player's system.
Defeating certain levels of anomalies will also unlock several Technologies of the Ancients.

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