At the very beginning in the game, you only control one star system, as you develop, and you accumulate enough Culture Points, it is possible to expand your empire from the Wealthy Mars to the mighty Superearth beyond your system through Colonization.

Prerequisites Edit

To successfully colonize other planets / star systems, you need:

  1. A few (at least 3) Colonial Spaceship
  2. Enough Culture Points

Your level of Culture Point and the requirement for the next planet / star system can be checked at Empire Overview (Next to Notification) -> Planets

Alternatively, you may check the formula of Culture Points required for those by visiting this page.

How to Colonize Edit

To successfully colonize another planet / star system, you must first designate a fleet which includes the required number of Colonial Spaceships. Then, just as you would do it in other scenarios, send your Colonization fleet to your desired planet / system. The Game tells you if you have enough culture points for the colonization, and, in case of colonizing another system, the duration for the Colonization fleet to arrive, because the Colonial Spaceships are "rather slow".

NOTE when setting orders to colonize another system, be sure to select the desired planet from the list. By default, the menu will always select the first planet of the system (i.e., the Planet in Orbit 0).

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