Comets are temporary objects on the map that carry resources and possible move over time. After being harvested they gradually respawn somewhere near and level up.

Hyperspace Scanners are required to reveal them.

Harvesting Requirements Edit

To harvest a comet, you should have a fleet of Engineering Spaceships ready. After jumping to the desired comet, the Spaceships will start collecting and return automatically after:

  1. The comet is exhausted (i.e., there is nothing left.), or
  2. The storage space of the Spaceships are filled up.

Comet Levels Edit

Level Resources Special Comments
0 500 - 960
1 1000 - 2000
2 2000 - 3700
3 3800 - 6900
4 6200 - 9009
5 8800 - 12000

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