The Minor Polymeric is a small resource planet that possesses large quantities of Polymers compared to most other planets.


Building StatsEdit

Metal mines 2
Polymers synthesizers 6
Radium plants 2
  City buildings 6

Space stations 4

Colonial ships required for colonization 3

Maximum level of mines-8

Can be upgraded to 14 via research

Special TraitsEdit

1 of these is present in every starter system, being in the 5th orbit around the player's star.

Ecology and FeaturesEdit

The Minor Polymeric appears to be a very icy planet, with many ice mountains and crags. It seems to bear a resemblance to the real-life moon Europa, being covered in a lot of ice but may have liquid water underneath its surface. These planets seem to be colder than the others, and as such, are almost always the last planets in a system's orbit. It is unknown whether or not the ice is made of water or if it is dry ice.


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