Population is one of the most important "resource" in the game (probably after Polymers). The reason is that population is always capped, meaning that it is not renewable.

Source of Population Edit

The Population lives on planets or space stations. Currently, they may live in the following structures:

  • Planetary Colony
  • Planetary Colony II
  • Residential Community

Because the planet's environment is so volatile, and may be dangerous, the Population cannot freely settle on anywhere on the planet; they are confined to those structures.

The total population on a planet is the sum of all above structures. The total population of a system (called the "System Population") is the sum of all population on all of its planets. The total population, and, ultimately, your Population Rating in the game is the sum of all population on all planets you own.

NOTE that a Population unit is counted when it is considered in use - i.e., if your colony has spare population capacity, those capacity are not considered.

Job Opportunities Edit

The Population is required in the following aspects:

  • Military Enlistment at the Military Academy and (the Upgraded Version of the MA)
  • Scientific Research at the Lab
  • Commercial Activity at the Commercial Dock
  • Resource Production at various resource mines

NOTE that pilots with their ships destroyed return to your planets magically with no damage dealt to them.

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