The Space Base (Building), as a building in the Space Base (Planet), is the core of the Space Base (Planet), very much like what a Planetary Colony is when compared to a planet.

For more information, see Space Base (Technology) and Space Base (Planet).

Construction Edit

This building is constructed automatically at the creation of a Space Base (Planet). It comes with an internal storage space that depends on its current level. Like the Planetary Colony, all buildings in the Space Base (Planet) must be destroyed before it can be destroyed / the Space Base (Planet) can be abandoned.

Upgrade Costs and Building Stats Edit

Level Metal Polymer Radium Culture Duration Durability Population Cap
1 0 0 0 54 17h 08min 34sec 120 26
2 158490 126790 190185 72 45
3 97 64
4 86

NOTE 1: This building is automatically constructed at the creation of Space Base (Planet).

NOTE 2: It is guaranteed that the storage space this building provides is sufficient for its upgrading.

NOTE 3: There is only space building slots in a Space Base (Planet), so there is no need to list out the effects of a Construction Plant.

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