Of all known Human spaceships, they can be classified according to their sizes. Different sizes of Spaceship have different characteristics too.

The following list of tables shows only the standard statistics, simulating what it would be like when you have no Researches conducted.

Light Size Edit

Light and agile in nature, these ships evade heavy fire effectively and deals 50% more damage to Heavy ships.

Name Attack Strength Has Jumpdrives? Speed Capacity
Fighter 150 100 Yes 86 20
Unmanned Platform 300 180 No NA NA
Unmanned Platform Mod. 2 900 540 No NA NA

Medium Size Edit

Although slower than Light ships, these ships can use their slow speed as an advantage towards Light ships, aiming accurately and dealing 50% more damage to Light ships.

These ships always have Hyperengines.

Name Attack Strength Speed Capacity
Colonial Spaceship 80 400 12 400
Engineering Spaceship

Heavy Size Edit

The real beast of the battlefield, these monsters pack crazy punch and deals 50% more damage to Medium ships like a boss.

Name Attack Strength Speed Capacity
Bomber 8000 2000 18 1000
Heavy Cruiser (Human)
Landing Spaceship

The Battleship Edit

There is some special configurations for the Battleship. When it is not bombing, it deals 50% more damage to Heavy ships like a boss too.

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