The Wealthy Mars is one of the types of planets, being one of the 10 planets available for colonization. They appear in star systems with large and small stars. Often found because of the number of starter systems in the game.


Building StatsEdit

Metal mines 3
Polymers synthesizers 3
Radium plants 2
  City buildings 12

Space stations 4

Colonial ships required for colonization 5

Maximum level of mines-10

Can be upgraded to 12 via research

Special TraitsEdit

The Wealthy Mars class is present in every single starter system, being the first planet that is ever colonized by the player by the creation of an account. There is only 1 in the starter system, and it is in the 3rd orbit of the star. Unlike their Mars class brothers, it is a little bit harder to find systems with more than 1 Wealthy Mars in it than more than 1 Mars planets.

Ecology and FeaturesEdit

The planet has a lot of green on its surface, meaning that there is plenty of plant life available. The are also rivers, lakes, and mountains, along with many expansive dusty flats. A few canyons are on its surface. There do not appear to be many massive oceans on planets of this type, and are mostly landmass. These planets also have an atmosphere. Based on the name, it must be a Mars class planet with an abundance of life, water, or resources.


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