Calculation of Required Culture Points for the next Colonization

Introduction Edit

Ever since you start playing the game, you will notice that you need an ever-increasing amount of Culture Points to capture new planets. But the curious thing is, no matter how hard you try, you will never find out where the exact formula/algorithm is. But thanks to an anonymous user supplying us with this formula, you can now calculate the amount of Culture Points required to Colonize the next planet or system.

Let's Get Started Edit

To be a little bit mathematical, this formula is actually a function. You supply:

  1. The number of planets you control
  2. The number of systems you control get:

  1. Culture level for the next Planet
  2. Culture level for the next system

Step By Step Edit

To be honest the formula is quite complicated, so bear with me here.

  1. Make two variables:
    1. s = number of Systems you have
    2. p = number of Planets you have
  2. Make a variable k:
    1. k = 3*s + 2*p
  3. Ask yourself: Which value do you want to get: Culture level for the next Planet or System?
    1. If you want a planet, subtract 5 from k
    2. If you want a system, subtract 2 from k
  4. Now that something is subtracted from k.
  5. Make a variable r:
    1. r = (2 ^ (0.1*k)) * 800
  6. Round r off. You should have eliminated any decimal places.
  7. Multiply r with 20.
  8. You are done!

So to summarize:

Culture Level for: k Final value
Next Planet 3*s + 2*p - 5 20 * RoundOff(800 * (2 ^ (0.1*k)) )
Next System 3*s + 2*p - 2

Some Extra Calculators Edit

Here are some OpenOffice files for you to calculate this:



Required culture level for colonization:

planet same system new system

1 0 -

2  ?  ?

3 18200 22620

4 21120 26000

5 24260 29860


I found an algorithm thats works quite good:


culture for new planet = 20 x Math.Round( 800 x ( Math.Power( 2, (0.1 x (((AS x 3) + (AP x 2)) - 5))),0)

culture for new system = 20 x Math.Round( 800 x ( Math.Power( 2, (0.1 x (((AS x 3) + (AP x 2)) - 2))),0)


AS  = amount current systems 

AP = amount current planets (all together)

in Excel (German)

A1 - amount current systems

B1 - amount current planets

C1 =20*Runden(800*Potenz(2;(0,1*(((A1*3)+B1*2)-5)));0)

D1 =20*Runden(800*Potenz(2;(0,1*(((A1*3)+B1*2)-2)));0)

in Excel (English)

A1 - amount current systems

B1 - amount current planets

C1 =20*Round(800*Power(2;(0.1*(((A1*3)+B1*2)-5)));0)

D1 =20*Round(800*Power(2;(0.1*(((A1*3)+B1*2)-2)));0)

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